NO More Cases can be opened against Sharif Brothers-NAB


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Rehman Malik and PPP Announced several times that they gonna bring one Corruption Scandal against Punjab Govt every week but how many months have passed they are unable to bring any Corruption scandal.

Utter Disappointment to Burgers who were jumping upside down first at Asghar Khan Case and then on this hope that More fake trials can be started against Sharif Brothers.
They are so silly that they cant think that If Musharraf could not open any corruption case against Sharif Brothers ,and he had to rely upon fake case of Helicopter and Plane Hijake Case.


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Rana Sanaullah kay cousin CJ nay keh dia ho ga Nab ko kay in kay khilaf koi case nahi kholna.


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نیب کی اتنی ہمت نہیں کے زرداری کی مرضی کے خلاف کچھ کر سکیں ، یہ سب نورا کشتی کا نمونہ ہے
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