Night Edition 17th April 2016 - Investigations Of Panama Leaks


Noora leak: bharray k tatoooooooooo leaders k tatoooooooooo patwaries . LOL. Gali Gali mein shor hai ganjjjjja shair chor hai


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The paa naa maa is dripping and the smell is all over, we don't need a judge to verify that the diaper is punctured and smelling


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Well done Dr. Shahid Masood. Let us go with full force after these criminal elements.

i like your optimism but who exactly do you think will be going full force after these criminals?
the reality on the ground is very different. more than 70% of the nation is illiterate and don't even know what is panama leaks

people give vote for 1 kg of wheat or rice

no one is going after them..judges, police, govt agencies and even media are all in the pockets of these politicians

even army chief has turned a blind eye...just happy with the karachi clean up
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