News Night with Talat 5th September 2011 - Mushahidullah Khan - Live calls from Public on Situation

khan afghan1

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aacording to General Durrani There is low intensity war between pakistan and USA.America wants
to destroy pakistan economically,politically ,morally and psychologically.They want to destroy
the instituions and organisations of the country.Politicians either individaully or on party
basis have all sold to USA.Thats why they are all silent.National assebmly,provincial assembly and sanet
are all quite on the issue.In such a situation there should be session of NAtional assemblly.US wants
to create chaos in the country.People are sleeping.the nation need to be awake.


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Look at this stupid mother fucker Budah, how many times do u want to cash judiciary card???? i hate this guy,never talks on facts but just bul ****. does he know that when GOVt is busy in corruption, nepotism, and these all things, then they have no time to do what does not suit them, that is opposition who force the GOVT to stay on track.
But opposition is playing same game with PPP as PPP is playing with MQM, that is politics of self interests.