News Night with Talat - 5th July 2011 - Special Programe from North Waziristan


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Good effort Talat,sadly most of the anchors are bound to their cosy studio chairs and dont want to go into the field and report, that is unique selling point of Talt's reporting he goes to dangerous places which makes it unique.


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aap say kis nay keh dia ,talat khud wahan gay thay ? lagay raho talat wahan bhi ( south waziristan )operation karwa kar dam layna . shabash!


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These so called sick leaders of pakistan have been lying about taliban for years. They are not bad they are like this they are like that. Its one simple fact. They are butchers and killers. they have killed thousands of pakistanis and they will keep doing it until there ars gets some beating. So very good work , kill them before they get more powerful.
I hate all the sickos who are not clear about taliban. Imran tatoo and mullah diesel and jamaat all are part of sick parties