News Night with Talat - 25th May 2012 - قومی میڈیا؛کس کی آواز؟


Talat you are the best among best.u r right we should not ignore any corner of the country.if u address the problems of the people from all over the country then no one can say that we have a grievances.if people like u existed in 1970 i dont think Bangladesh exists today.


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what ? where did you get that from?
I don't think he has very good feelings about pmln, as far as I know.

besides did he say anything pro pmln? this issue was sindh issue, pmln was there too, made more mess but talaat didn't really blame any party but just the local leaders which was right.
Not sure about others but Talat you are PMLN's voice. Shame on you Talat


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Exact story of Bangladesh is being repeated again. Pakistanis are so dull they will never learn.