News Eye - 11th September 2013 - ندیم ہاشمی پر الزامات درست


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I hate these anchors who start with english and keep on putting the english sentences in between either they should do the programs in urdu or english what kind of rubbish they are showing throughout the world except a few Slave Mentality people like we have do this, shame on these anchors.


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There are reports that Wasim Akhtar, farooq Sattar , Mustafa Kamal ,Abbas Rizvi are behind those MQM's militants thats why as soon something happened , they come on tv and start shouting. First of all arrest them and get the lists of all those militants from their offices , get those people from their houses and look for arms .They must have huge amount of arms hiding in godowns or in empty houses or basements .All these four deserve "Chitrol" to tell the truth and whereabouts of their militants .PAK have to complain UK govt to shut up Altaf Hussain who is interfering in pak's internal matter and creating hatred and inciting violence otherwise peace in karachi, forget it. There is no doubt that MQM, ANP, PPP and others involved but no one cry as much MQM does,why? Because they are involved in militancy. Some of the captured militants admitted that Wasim Akhtar is the biggest Don of MQM in Karachi,its on record but last PPP govt did't do anything about it. Police have all the records.