New Zealand TV host suspended for referring to Delhi's Chief Minister's name as Diick-Shiit.


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They also laugh when read the name with ' butt "....

The our Kashmiri Butts.

What to do.......except:lol:


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we think only white people are racist, in pakistan punjabees hate mohajirs and vice versa, afghani pathans hate sheeya pathans and pakistani pathans, had civil war after soviet era end, in india punjabee indians hate south indian vegetrians, in USA north Newyork area people are called yankees by south USA as they had a huge civil war ( white against white) more people died than world war, the whole planet makes fun chinese names, pre 1971 and post 1971 pakistanis hated bangladeshis for many years, in UK they make fun of each other if they from london or scotland and Ireland and they are all whites. BLACKS hate all asians, pakistanis and whites and chinese. NOW THE BEST one: african countries were some colonies of british and others FRENCH, they hate each other ( black vs blacks), CANDA ( english speaking ontario hate french speaking Quebec province), orientals indonasian malsysian honkong combo hates chinese, vietnamese, latin america/spanish people hate argentians and puerto ricans ( USA colony) although all speak spanish language

So its human nature, BUT he deserved to be fired for DISCRMINATING openly on TV media but the indian name do sound the way he said:lol: sorry
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Sometimes it happens, you cant stop laughing.

Funny is funny, but somethings you shouldn't do in front of the camera.

Funny video, but i do feel sorry for the guy, he should not have come on the show.

at the same time, this is what i found on wikipedia.

Sheila Dikshit (born 31 March 1938) is an Indian politician who has served as Chief Minister of Delhi since 1998. She is a member of the Indian National Congress and has led the party to a record three consecutive electoral victories in Delhi. Dikshit represents the New Delhi constituency in the Legislative Assembly of Delhi.


ITS wrong but its funny.


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thats not racist, its just so damn funny. if her name is dikshit, her name is dikshit, what to do about it.
Funny thing is, the guy pronounced it correctly and the the pronunciation given by the other host was incorrect :D..

The other famous dickshit ofcourse is Madhuri dickshit [hilar][hilar][hilar][hilar][hilar]


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The guy is just trying to be funny i guess, but no one else is laughing, so he really made a fool of himself. though i personally think **** **** is quite an appropriate name for an indian.

Azaad Alfaaz

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This guy is racist ... but what about indian comedian talking about sikh name Suck-Deep shukhdeep ! i
I know when i was in malaysia at time of baynazir Bhuto..Guess what they used laugh when i tell them pak PM is B Bhutoo! Bhutto in malaysia language mean female genitals . lol