"New Formula: PTI Needs to Accept Only One Thing" Naeem Khalid Lodhi


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Tujh aur tere formulas par lanat. This fucking army and Generals are our servants not emporers.

Wake up Pak

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Establishment's dog, for your information, Imran Khan has condemned the incident several times and asked for an independent inquiry. The MFs of GHQ pigs & corrupt PMLUN assholes were behind the 9th May false flag operation, which is why they are reluctant to make an independent inquiry.


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Once again IK should pay no attention to this criminal, he is "his master's voice". He is trying to fool the PTI by saying few soft things, but his aim is to encircle PTI and trap them.


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IK and PTI always demanded for judicial commission. Laaat SB ko yeh be nahi pata.

Estb ne ghalat banday se ungli le li. Baat honi chaea magar IK ki terms pe. Military has to go back to Baracks.

Bilkul ghalat. Awam Fauj ko banati ha. Yeh kahna k awam ko Fauj ki zarurat ha is wrong. Awam ager peechay khari ho to kamzor se kamzor army b mazboot banai ja sakti ha but not vice versa. Warna North Korea model hi banay ga.
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