Neighbour of bin Laden arrested: police

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Abb khumbakhti ghareeb Paroosion ki.

Neighbour of bin Laden arrested: police

AFP Yesterday

Pakistani soldiers and policemen stand beside a building at the hideout of al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden following his death by US Special Forces in a ground operation in Abbottabad on May 3, 2011. – AFP

ABBOTTABAD: Pakistani soldiers arrested a peasant in Abbottabad near the compound where al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden was killed in a US raid, the man’s relatives and police said Tuesday.
Shamrez Khan, 50, was arrested by Pakistani security officials a few hours after the US-led operation on Monday, according to his son and neighbours.
“My father was taken into custody outside his house when he was looking at the house where the operation was conducted,” Khan’s 20-year-old son Mohammad Qasim told AFP.
Shamrez comes from a family of farmers based next door to the bin Laden compound.
About a dozen neighbours confirmed that army personnel took Khan into custody.
“I personally know this family they are poor farmers. Shamrez Khan is innocent,” Mohammad Ishaq, a farmer told AFP.
Military officials were not available to confirm the arrest, but a local police official said Khan was picked up by the military.
“He is in their custody,” he said requesting anonymity.
Bin Laden was killed in a night-time raid by US commandos on a compound 50 kilometres from the Pakistani capital on Monday.

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nothing new
very normal....

may be they want to be sure that was there really someone in that compund ?

secondly in todays pro gramme Mubashar luqman telecast interview of a young boy who was neighbor , and he said he used to go in there and play with his daughters..

my question is that if mubashar trying to prove that yes OBL was there just like geo tv proved that ajmal kasab was from farid cote.


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shame ful update ye he k makami logo k ID cards check kia jatey hain lakin inkey ameriki baap aiey to ye soo rahey the dalley begharat...........inki bndookain sirf awam ko draney k liaey hi hain.