Need volunteers! To contact international media.Rather challenge their bias.


I was hoping if I could find some volunteers to start contacting international media who have so far turned a blind eye to PTI's rise in Pakistan politics and the recent events including the massive protests. It's a shame that a crowd of a few thousand regardless of the country and purpose gets published in the international media but that hasn't been the case with PTI and "Go Nawaz Go" campaign.
Articles in BBC, WSJ, FT, NYT etc will further enhance the political awareness of the international community so they can at the very least pick sides rather than being completely oblivious to the ever growing phenomenon of ordinary peoples revolution in Pakistan. Such coverage might go a long way in serving as another nail in this fake government coffin.


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Anila Khawaja is the international media coordinator of PTI ...

We should ask and help her about contacts to International community..



Thanks knownajnabee. I will send him an email.
Ranaji: Thanks. I will shortly be publishing all the email addresses of international media correspondents/editors and we can start contacting them.


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Intl. media is biased. They do not support any Tehreek, any movement which is not in their interest.

They had their Camera's 24 Hours in Libya, Tunis, Egypt everywhere where their own interests were involved. They don't want to see better and educated Pakistan and PTI Azadi Tehreek is initiated by people of Pakistan not from them. That is why they are boycotting it.

Please keep on try and inform them, try to get their attention.

Above are my opinion. Thanks


Couldn't agree more. But the Karachi and lahore jalsas are game changers. They need to pay attention and we will try our best to get the message across. Nawaz government will feel more threatened if the international media writes about what the majority of people in Pakistan are thinking.

Gabbar Singh

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Thanks a lottt. These are really helpful. Andrew North of BBC is the south Asia correspondent.
[email protected]
Will be sending them all emails now.

Contact Alimohsan52........... he has got contacts with scotland yard and he can complaint about nawaaz shareef's money laundering to them...... but he won't do it becuz he is only interested in taking action against urdu speaking people.


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Highly appreciated the thread creater. Bravo bro :) Keep up the great work, all the best, I wish I could help you with it but I am just an IT person in Pakistan :)


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Powerful quarters including international media like BBC are fully aware of the historic events taking place in this country...

They have already picked their sides and it ain't IK!!!!

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I think certain amount of isolation is good, we should not force the issue because then meddling takes place from all over.Let the sleeping dogs lie, let the Tehreek come to a conclusion then the power will be with the right people without influence from quarters which are always Devil's advocates.


A reasonable argument brother. However, the international media houses have a moral facade to maintain. It is only a matter of time before Nawaz government give in and accept these demands. Then the international media will certainly jump on the bandwagon. Urging them to showcase the newly politicised population of Pakistan might just accelerate the whole process. For what its worth, at least the international community can start seeing Pakistanis through a different spectrum which demands adulation and respect.
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