Nawaz Sharif requests accountability court to postpone verdict citing begum Kulsoom's health


Senator (1k+ posts)
Phatti na?....I thought, You were ready to go to jail.And, Weren't you coming back to Pakistan to begin with?.....


Chief Minister (5k+ posts)
We are ready to give you concession at the rate of 1 million British Pounds per second ...… until you are back to Pakistan.
This money will go to pay off Pakistan's debt.
Are you ready to sign this contract in British court of law ????

He will sell his daughters, but will not pay a penny.


Prime Minister (20k+ posts)
Is Court your servant?Judges already gave you undesreve time in this case..Aur time denay see Murad ye ho gi ke Judges favering Shareef Mafia..


Voter (50+ posts)
Hello every one, please save your galiaan for highcourt lahore who will grant them bail after the few weeks of NAB verdict.


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kis ko bana raha hay takklay delay tactics hay election ho jaye iska ganj mundan July 6 ko he ho ga


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خدا دا واسطہ جے ... بڈھی لمیاں پا دتی ... ہنڑ تے چڈھ دیو



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I think Pirate nawaz is shitting himself....

He is in a bind, go back and go to jail
OR stay in London and watch his beloved Pirate party go down the drain (along with Princess Maryam's wishes to be Queen/PM of Pakistan)


Minister (2k+ posts)
Paisa or taaqat ka nasha bhee kia cheez hay....insaan sathiya he jaata hay...pehlay baitee kay saath jalsay karta raha...ab beemar biwi ko use kar raha hay...