Nawaz Sharif Plane Lands in Peshawar due to bad weather


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Bacha gaya pakhtoonon say to theek..

Warna aik parr say uray ga is ka jahaaz..

I agree...its an excuse to be thr to distribute land n money


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Bad timing , wrong place,with bad people, with wrong issue, with bad mind , with dry and empty heart , bad political and in bad weather as well....


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  1. If rigging was so widespread, why was the outcome of the elections accepted in the first place? PTI is new party revolving around Imran Khan, he was on bed fighting for his life.

2.Why does PTI keep demanding the resignation of Prime Minister, is he the sole culprit behind rigging? He is the biggest beneficiary.

3.Why doesn't PTI have a better partner in this regime-toppling game other than a 'revolutionary' TUQ? All other so called democratic parties have stake in the current rotten system. Imran could have done that in KPK but he is different.

4.Why does Imran Khan think he can accuse anyone, any time, anywhere of rigging, without enough evidence? Do not know what kind of evidence you are looking for. In any other country election would have been voided in the presence of first hand images and videos of rigging that appeared during and after the election. Welcome to Pakistan.