Nawaz Sharif ka eak aur U-TURN : Dictator kay saathiyoon kee PML-N may re-entry


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[h=1]Former pals to rejoin PML-N[/h] By: Aamer Waqas |

LAHORE After finding itself a lone crusader against the allegedly corrupt PPP government and in order to get its flanks heavier, the PML-N is ready to accept estranged elements from all the political parties, especially the Q-League, since quite a few are just awaiting a nod from the N leadership to rejoin their previous party.

These stalwarts were part of the PML-N prior to Musharrafs coup, and became part of the military rulers coterie and worked for strengthening the Kings party, but have distanced themselves from the Chaudharys of Gujrat especially after the latter joined hands with the PPP.

Political pundits believe this drive of the N-League is an attempt to send a message across to its arch rival PPP that if it can join hands with the PML-Q to strengthen itself in the parliament, it would cause dent in the top hierarchy of the Q-League with some of its top leaders joining the N. Party leaders maintain that this will not cause any embarrassment to those rejoining their old party since it would be like home coming. The N will also project it as an effort to reunite various Leagues at one platform, mentioned the leader, adding the PML-N had already improved its relations with the Unification Bloc in Punjab, and is in contact with the Like-Minded Group in the centre persuading them to come back.

As per the PML-N sources, leaders from different parties, even from the PPP, have either contacted directly or through common friends to get themselves inducted in the opposition party. So far the N leadership has not decided about allotting party portfolios to them, but it is expected that fresh inductions with renewed pledges would be given due importance in the party hierarchy in due course.

This is substantiated by the fact that so far the PML-N had accepted quite a few Q-Leaguers. The glaring examples in this regard are of Ch Muhammad Iqbal from Gujranwala, Malik Saleem Iqbal, General (r) Majeed Awan and his son from Chakwal, Nazir Sultan and his two sons from Jhang, Asim Nazir and Zahid Nazir from Faisalabad and Javed Akhlas from Rawalpindi.

These were elected representatives from the Q-Leauges platform during Musharrafs regime. Besides them, the Qs dissidents in the Punjab Assembly had already joined the PML-N Treasury benches after grouping themselves as the Unification Bloc.

According to insiders of both the N and Q Leagues, a big name to rejoin the PML-N is of Mushahid Hussain Syed, who was the federal information minister during Nawaz Sharifs last tenure as prime minister, and presently serving as Secretary General of the PML-Q. The spade work is complete, and it is only a matter of timing now when the announcement will be made, which is not in the distant future, confided the source, seeking strict anonymity.

Other probable includes former speaker National Assembly Ch Ameer Hussain, who was defeated by incumbent federal Information Minister Dr Firdaus Ashiq Awan in the last elections.

Also, estranged Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa PML-Q president MNA Amir Muqam is also expected to join the N-League. He had quit the federal cabinet as minister production in protest to the party leaderships alleged slackness in informing its cadres about the coalition deal with the PPP. However, the Q-Leaguers are constantly trying to please Amir Muqam since it would deal a huge blow to party prospects in the province, and would prove hugely beneficial to the PML-N provided he joins Nawaz Sharif.

Also two ladies Bushra Rehman and Neelofar Bukhtiar are said to join the N-League. The same is being maintained about Marvi Memon, though she is considered to be closer to the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf as well.

When contacted, Dr Asif Kirmani, Secretary to PML-N Chief Nawaz Sharif, maintained that as per his party policy, the N-League was open to accept everybody minus Chaudhrys of Gujrat.

When the names were mentioned to him, he did not offer his comments for the leaders, but added that a lot of people wanted to join his party.

So far nothing has been finalised, and they will welcome those, who believe in the rule of law and genuine democracy, he averred, while firmly stating that those who acted as a catalyst in eroding the PML-N, would be denied entry.


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He was groomed,trained and educated by military dictators.It is quite natural that he will always find solace in their company.


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The ‘dirty dozen’ Nawaz would never accept

Tariq Butt
Wednesday, March 02, 2011

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) has identified nearly a dozen top leaders of the PML-Q that it vows never to accept back in its fold while its doors are open for everybody who is anybody in this beleaguered party.

A top PML-N stalwart named for The News some of these senior leaders including Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain, Chaudhry Parvaiz Elahi, Mian Mohammad Azhar, Khurshid Mehmood Kasuri, Sayed Mushahid Hussain, Wasim Sajjad, Ijazul Haq, Sheikh Rashid Ahmed and some others, who are their “cronies”.

But conversely, according to PML-Q sources a majority of these leaders is also not keen to rejoin the PML-N for the reason that they would be treated shabbily even if they re-associated themselves with it. “We will do our own politics, which would certainly be against the PML-N, and we can’t play a second fiddle to the Sharif brothers,” one PML-Q leader said.

The PML-N leader, who belongs to the inner circle of the party and attends its closed-door consultative sessions to formulate its strategy, said that these “Q” Leaguers were hand-in-glove with Pervez Musharraf and intelligence agencies in scheming against and disintegrating the party immediately after the imposition of martial law. “They indulged in the worst form of horse-trading.”

However, the PML-Q leader said it was now clear to everyone that after accepting the unification bloc of the PML-Q in the Punjab Assembly Nawaz Sharif has changed its earlier rigid views about this League faction. “Previously, he was against taking anyone from the PML-Q back in his party.”

According to the PML-Q leader, as the new political realities would dawn upon Nawaz Sharif with the passage of time after he has taken the plunge by getting rid of the PPP in Punjab and next elections draw close, he will be compelled to mellow down his extreme opinion about the top Q League stalwarts he did not want to take back now.

Of the Chaudhrys of Gujrat, Shujaat Hussain is a Senator while Parvaiz Elahi is an MNA. They have a good say in their Gujrat constituencies and some adjoining areas. Wasim Sajjad is the leader of the opposition in the Senate. He is a technocrat and was elected uninterrupted to the Upper House from this category since 1985.

However, Mian Azhar, who became pioneer president of the PML-Q after it was midwife by Pervez Musharraf, is nowhere politically. Since long, he is living a quiet life and is no longer active in the political arena. He has no constituency to fall back on.

Kasuri faced defeated in the 2008 general elections, but always remains busy in his Kasur constituency, preparing to contest against from there. He is a senior leader of the likeminded group of the PML-Q, which was carved out of this party for differences with the Chaudhrys.

After facing consistent electoral defeats, Sheikh Rashid has become an uneasy soul, like a fish out of water, simply for not being with any mainstream political party and faces an uncertain political future. His Rawalpindi constituency has been clinched by the PML-N. His Awami Muslim League is just a one-man party.

Same is with the Ijazul Haq. He too is nowhere and it is not known whether he is with the PML-Q or activated his own party.

Mushahid Hussain, also a technocrat, is the Secretary General of the PML-Q and is not bothered about the PML-N’s harsh stand against him. Even during Musharraf’s era, he firmly refused to accept any ministerial position and never indulged in mudslinging against the Sharif brothers. He was the rare politician who, at the height of Musharraf’s rule, described in one of his Senate speeches the then incarcerated Asif Zardari, Javed Hashmi and Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani as political prisoners and demanded their release forthwith.


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IK wants cheap publicity, IK key liye PMLn ki low leadership hi kafi hey. abhi IK mein more 10 years hein to become real leader.
Yehi Imran Khan bhi Test Tube politician ban jata aur Musharraf ke saath mil ke Prime Minister ban jata, 15+10 saal to na lagte. Nawaz Sharif ko hi dekh lo, apnay baap Zia se ministries bhi mil gayin, phir chief minister, phir IJI ke liay paisay bhi mil gaye aur phir 2 time Prime Minister aur ab dekh lo kaisay anti-Establishment aur anti-Dictator bana phirta hai. Siasatdaan ho to aisa....
Imran Khan to pagal hai jo sirf aik referendum ki himayat pe qoum se maafi mangi, Nawaz Sharif se kuch seekh leta jis ne aaj tak Zia se ministries aur ISI se paisay lene pe kabhi jhootay mou bhi maafi nahi maangi. Beghairti ho to aisi, aisi qualities se hi to LEADER banta hai...
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Tumhara IK sub sey bara begairat hey ju youth ko misuse kar raha hey. Agar woh theek hota tu hum jesey middleage educated people ko bhee attract karta. Hum log usey buhat acha jantey hein jub woh cricket khilta tha aur woh kiya kartoot katra tha.


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Tumhara IK sub sey bara begairat hey ju youth ko misuse kar raha hey. Agar woh theek hota tu hum jesey middleage educated people ko bhee attract karta. Hum log usey buhat acha jantey hein jub woh cricket khilta tha aur woh kiya kartoot katra tha.
Sorry tumhai Nawaz Sharif ka maazi yaad kara dia, ab aisi baaten to karo ge kyunke tumharay pas koi jawab jo nahi.(yapping)


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Looks like PML-N is stuck. Can't stand on any decision. Let's see if they'll even resign before the Senate elections, as some analysts are saying they have no such intentions and will continue to be part of the setup till 2013.


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Very Same Amir Muqam (clap)(clap)(clap)(clap)(clap)(clap)(clap)

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this attitude I dont like. People praise one action for themselves but if any opponent take that all start calling name and condemn it.
Most recently IK also welcomed few persons of other parties and at that time PTI supporters praise it and gave different logics.
Now of NS has taken Q members who were actually in PML N league before then why this seems an issue to condemn NS.
Let it be , why to worry on it or condemn it...


strange isnt it.


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ik too her jalse meen baqwas karta rehta hee itna nun phat he is same proud right now as he was in his cricket carier .pehle too yeh gareboon se hath milana apni toheen samjta tha aur ab kursi ki khater iss ko gareeb awam ka khiyal agaya he .dekhna yeh aik dafa phir kisi yhuden se hi shadi kare ga have bet .?breaking news from switzerlan