Nato caused Rs110bn damage to roads


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ISLAMABAD: A parliamentary committee asked the ministries of finance, foreign affairs and defence on Saturday to take notice of the damage caused to roads by the heavy Nato vehicles supplying goods and fuel to troops in Afghanistan.

The National Assemblys Standing Committee on States and Frontier Regions observed that Nato should provide funds for the repair and maintenance of the damaged road infrastructure.

According to the National Highway Authority, the Nato containers weighing 60-70 tons use the N-5 National Highway, from Karachi to Torkham, and N-25, from Karachi to Chaman, for supplying goods to Nato forces in Afghanistan.

They have caused damage of more than Rs110 billion to roads.

The authority informed the ministries of finance and foreign affairs of the situation and demanded compensation but in vain.

The committee said all the relevant ministries and departments, including finance, foreign affairs, communications and railways, should assess the damage and prepare a comprehensive report so that the issue could be taken up with Nato authorities.

The committee also discussed the damage caused by vehicles used for Afghan transit trade.

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Question is will they ask for damage charges from USA. ? and more importantly if money is received will it be spent on roads or bilawal house or raiwind palace or gilani shareef etc etc.


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Good Roads in Pakistan?
May I Know which roads are we talking about.






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