Nation superiority


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All present and past successful leaders from all over world, believes nation superiority, and they become successful only and only being loyal to nation, they did all in favor of nation and in short time they prove nation superiority . All advanced countries have history of these unique leaders, they proud of their leaders. Unluckily Pakistan never proves like that, Pakistani nation has been failed to choose that unique leadership. From creation of Pakistan till today we are lacking to elect true leaders.
All successful leaders were not rich businessmen, lands owners, industrialist, dual nationality holders, running business in other countries. They were only simple personalities, their asset was their nation and nation development. They were not begging vote by coating reference of their ancestors, only they ask for their aggressive policies to boost country and nation, they never talked about their own family background, they just believe what I have to do for my nation, they never visit any shrine for support. They never request any religious scholars and cleric to support him, they always believe their own honesty and devotion to their aim to built a prosperous society.
Now we come to Pakistani leaders, which quotation is make fool and rule. Over political parties have their own manifestos to show to advanced countries for getting favor that how we are worried about over nation development, their manifestos not compel them to keep distance from each other party, they sit together for enjoying power, not for nation but slogan is that we are making coalition in fever of nation, in that coalition how they can run their manifestos which are totally different to each other party. Now we see their man slogans.
PPP:- over manifestos will give public food, dress and shelter.(Roti, Kapra and Makaan ), where as in their regime people are facing starvation due to high prices, due to poverty people are not able to purchase all basic necessities. This party have never prove a vision which have right to lead nation. Its third time PPP ruling this country, still innocent voters think they will change their fate Astonished.
PML(N) we will make Pakistan Asian tiger, yes have been made. No industry working due to gas or electric city. Mills are closed and people are on road for strikes. Two time ruled Pakistan and three time province of Punjab.
PML(Q) this party have enjoyed power in supervision of Pervaiz Mushraf, and chanting slogans that we will elect Pervaiz Musharaf ten time in uniform, what a great democratic vision, this party also given educated Punjab, practically this party which also we can say a branch of PML(N) , this was also failed to give a advance vision to Pakistan.
ANP:- only demanded change name of province Kheber Pakhtoon Khwah instead of NWFP. This new name have changed life style of Province, people are get their basic rights and enjoying prosperous life, they are getting quality education, quality medication, impressive law and order, clean drinking water and employment and many other basic needs.
PJI:- this party had gotten a opportunity to rule a province , they were able to show his vision at provincial level which support them in future to rule Pakistan, but totally fail to deliver a unique vision of governance.
MQM:- this party almost participating all government, but never be successful to impose a good vision about himself, their slogans totally against present regime heads and personalities but also supporting them at provincial and center level, so fail to deliver for people prosperity.
PTI:- this party from creation date to now never gotten chance to join government. People still not given them power by their vote, but party head have a positive vision by making Hospital and university, which is in Pakistani history that no other politician did like him. We should give a chance to this party to see his vision to developing Pakistan.
Pakistani political parties believe in blame game, Pakistani political parties can make coalition for power even dislike each other in the fever of Nation, where as practically that power coalition is only to secure their personals issues and advantages, these democratic parties in their multi time regimes never did for water reservoir, increasing electric city production, gas production, drinking water, education, medication and other basic needs, these parties just increase their assets abroad, businesses abroad, banks accounts and properties, these major parties heads have multi nationalities for hole family, they get education from abroad, treatment from abroad and just come in Pakistan for ruling. This is future of innocent people who worship these dirty politician which are vision less, which never believe Nation superiority, which believe only they are superior than all. They are masters of Pakistan and people are their slaves