Najam Sethi Criticizes Nawaz Sharif's Laptop Scheme


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Najam Sethi Nawaz aur Zardari se kum draamay baaz nahi hai. Apna rate barhaa raha hai, lagta hai full time chairman PCB bun-na chahta hai ya aur koi ounchi kuursi maangay ga rate barha k.

his points regarding laptops are valid, although he is not trustworthy. laptops=facebook

Abdul Haadi

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What good are these laptops going to do with no electricity, jobs, law and order and much more. As Sethi said it makes sense to give out to colleges or university students but to one who deserve them specially in rural areas kids. But all this is just another stunt to cover up their continuous failure ever since they have come to power & to catch up to PTI with " cancer ka ilaaj aspirin se ".


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Another YELLOW CAB like scheme by Nawaz Sharif. Where are all those cabs now? Have the govt. recovered all the loans from that scheme?
These efforts are useless and just only a try to get short term benefits. Laptops cannot teach people. Instead NS should come up with more schools and libraries and should put attention to hire qualified teaching staff.
Bhai hamare bachey tou kaley peeley schooloN meiN bhi parh leiN ge, koi achcha perhane wala tou ho.


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yah ajeeb drama hain Sethi jessa 1 takay ka journalist PCB ka chairman ban ker betta hain ... yah harramy sethi USA main consulate ship mange raha ho ga


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Sethi draame baaz noora ko ye bas dunya ko dekhaane ke lie side me critisize kardeta he asal me to ye Status quo Lover he, mafaad parast sahafi hara.m khor
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