Nadeem Malik Live Special Transmission - 17th Sep 2014

Star Gazer

Chief Minister (5k+ posts)
With apologies to the relatives I share with Rana Mashhood. Ran Mashhood is a third class person defending a corrupt system for his own personal interests.


Minister (2k+ posts)
These NOORAS will die off their own incompetence and HYPOCRACY. They can't even lie properly,every worm that comes to defend the kings rule gives a different statement and the result is as you have seen and heard, the king has to back track and deny what is being said and done in his name.
He has lost control of the worms and they have started feeding on the CORSPE of his rule and he is confused which worm to eliminate or support.
MIAN Saab your system is dead and soon it will be burnt to stop the ROTTON carcass infecting the whole society
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