NAB KPK arrests former PESCO chief over corruption charges


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کبھی کوئ سیاستدان اور فوجی بھی پکڑے جائینگے یا صرف سرکاری ملازم ہی کرپٹ ہوتا ہے

such bolo

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انکی ضمانت نا ہو اسکے لئے فوری قانون سازی کی جائے
یا ہائیکورٹ ضمانت دینا بند کرے

ان ہائیکورٹس کی وجہ سے ہی آج کرپشن کا یہ حال ہے


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Something should be done about these corrupt and incompetent judges. Haram ki kamaai khatay haan ore kaam nahi kertay.

Shahid Abassi

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Well done KPK. Now everyone can see that the province is moving in the right direction. Institutions are beig built and corrupts are being brought to book. Impact of Zia Afridi catch will go a long way and a lot of corrupt politicians and bureaucrates will think twice before eventinking of doing corruption. Yet still wait that this ehtesab commission get hold of politicians of the last government. Get the stolen money out of Hoti and Afsendyar Wali.


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Well done Imran khan. We hope you continually run Fear shocks through the body of the corrupt people..


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muqadas se koi poochho ab is ko kpk nab ne kyun arrest kiya hai kia is ko bhi fedral se bachana toh nahi chah rahe kahin iss ne JT ko bijli ke feeders toh nahi bech diye.....:biggthumpup:
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