NAB decides to arrest Nawaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz from airport


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فوراً ھی کیوں نہیں؟؟پیر کو ھفتے کو وہ بھاگ جائے گا تو پھر؟؟اور دو مجرم پاکستان ٓآئیں گے تب نا اب باھر بھیج کر انتظار کرو۔قانون ھے آدھا تیتر آدھا بٹیر۔


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I bet they wouldnt come back. After a week or so they ll stage a drama fr kulsoom and then they will probably say our life is in danger so they ll never come back.


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They should not be given the luxury , pakistan government should contact interpol and bring them back to pakistan in handcuffs.


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