NAB considering to arrest Sharif family


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CONSIDERING until they all escape from the country.

Hassan, Hussain already out, NS ready to fly tomorrow, Maryam would also leave soon.


Emaad Qureshi

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Nawaz sharif bahr chala bhi jiya tu us ko fyda kam nuqsan zyda hoo ga......Us ki properties bhi confiscate ho skti hain


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cancer kay bahanay bhaganay ka mukamil plan lagta hai, bibi ka cancer bhee "lohar" key heart surgery jaisa lagta hai.
Sara tabar jhoota bhee hai.


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NAB's no balls men at work.
Notices, requests to the same party's government!!
Remember, only yesterday the PM Abbasi was paying visit to the criminal Nawaz.
No balls men RIP.
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