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I have just twitted Hamid Mir and included some other Journalists including IK. I have floated the idea that Mir didn't tell the truth in the SCP and should have disclosed in SCP what Malik Riaz told him. The case should have been different and should be "maligning" the SCP and Judiciary and not purely against Arsalan.

Mir should be recalled and charged for Perjury.

This has to be spread. Mir or others cannot get away by manipulating the public and Judiciary just because they are Journalists.

I have always maintained these Journalists are useless and most of them are corrupt. You guys have witnessed my comments for months, it is not something I am saying now after disclosures in this case. I knew from their unprofessional approach. That's why I don't rate any of them in professional sense. Some are half decent, that is all.



Chief Minister (5k+ posts)
I request to all, please circulate these tweets or your own similar tweets, whatever you prefer.

This message has to be spread around, these two Journalists from Geo are trying to mislead and working on the agenda of PPP. Mir should be held responsible for his deliberate omissions in the SCP.


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Hamid Mir is a snake who is working on his own sinister agenda to destroy Pakistan systematically. If you take a look at his program during last 1 year or 2 you will notice there is a pattern in them and almost all are against Pakistan Army or ISI. I do not like this man one bit and won't miss him if somebody takes him out like Saleem Shehzad.