Mustafa Kamal Exclusive Talk on Altaf Hussain Arrest


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Mustafa Kamal was part of the gang that hurt the Muhajir cause and now he is trying to distance himself from Altaf Hussain. I wish these politicians take some responsibility for their past actions. A mere apology is not enough when you have destroyed the city and created havoc in the minds of young generations.

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Mustafa Kamal woh beghairat hai jo matlab ki khatir apni Maa ko bhi bech de. In last elections he won 0 seats, phir bhi beghairat expert banna phir raha hai.
Bhai Pakistan always welcomes Baigharats and Lota.
The Bungalow he is given in Khayaban Shamsher iss telephone Operator key Poorey Khandaan ki saving jorr Lo tu uss ka Eik Darwaza Nahi Khareed Sakta.