Murshid/Peer/Sheikh: A Treat To Iman

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Takabur Ka Elaj Murshid Ki Tilash (Cure of Pride is in finding Murshid) is very self explanatory title of lecture by learned Scholar, Sufi, Poet named as Hakeem Muhammad Akhtar.

He is Khaleefa of Shah Abdul Ghani who is Khaleefa of Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi.

Ashraf Ali Thani is one of leading scholars of Darul Aloom Deoband which has influenced life of millions including Maulana Tariq Jameel, Mufti Taqi Usmani, Maulana Fazul Rahman, Mullah Umar of Afghanistan and thus list goes on.

In his lecture Hakeem Akhtar has explained importance of Peer/Murshid/Sheikh in ones life and draw attention to cure heart disease through a Murshid.

Here are a few important points of his lectures:

[4:11] If herbal remedies could cure tuberculosis then Auliya Allah are never less than them!
(Auliya Allah can cure heart diseases as herbs cure physical diseases)

[10:00] To ease demands of Nafs we need Khan Qah. (Courtyard where Murshid meditate disciples)

[10:00] Sheikh is mentor of a group.

[11:45] Sheikh Abdul Ghani says The one who finds a Sheikh for himself is very fortunate.

[12:00] Sheikh Abdul Ghani further says If Allah asks me about my Sheikh on day of Judgement then I would reply as I cant thank my Sheikh.

[12:15] Mufti Hasan says If I prostrate for 1000 years and then get a one sight of Sheikh then even 1000 years prostration cant justify one sight of Sheikh

[12:15] Mufti Hasan further says If given choice either Paradise or Sheikhs company on day of Judgement then I shall prefer Sheikhs company

[13:30] Hakeem Akhtars silsila has blessing s of major four salasal known as Qadriya, Chishtiya, Soharwardiya and Naqshbandiya.

[14:15] As much you live around Auliya Allah as less you commit sins.

[19:15] Finding Sheikh is easy way to counter provocation of committing sin.

[23:45] Surrender yourself in Sheikhs suggestion.

[25:00] If Sheikh asks you to massage members in Khan Qah, sweep and mob Khan Qah or serve members with tea and you obey it then you could be Wali Allah even by acting upon such minor tasks.

[27:45] Shiekh of Ashraf Ali Thanvi advised him to mediate his heart even while Sheikh is speaking to friends and feel as if Noor is transferring from Sheikhs heart into his heart.

[32:35] Its hard for someone to commit sin if he adopts company of Auliya Allah

[35:35] Once a court man of Hazrat Sulaman Alaih Salam saw Hazrat Ezraeel Alaih Salam staring at him in Damascus then he complained to Hazrat Sulaman Alaih Salam about it and requested Hazrat Sulaman Alaih Salam to send him to Hindustan.

Hazrat Sulaman Alaih Salam ordered wind to take him to his family so that Hazrat Ezraeel Alaih Salam could take his soul there.

[44:20] Sheikh could mould thieves in Auliya Allah.

In the end I would like to suggest you all to find Murshid as soon as possible if you havent one as it is very beneficial to your Iman.

During This Ramdan, For Treat To Your Iman, Find Yourself Murshid And Enjoy His Faizan

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