MujeebUr Rehman Supporting Nawaz Shareef Family Over Panama Leaks


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یہ ایک کتا ہے ، ہڈی والا ، جماعت اسلامی کا بے ایمان کتا
آج سراج کی بھی بولتی بند ہے



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The damage that these media people are causing to Pakistan is immeasurable!

These guys distort the facts knowingly or unknowingly and sheer lack of understanding or grasp of complicated issues and topics is understandable but their inability to reach an expert and get their opinions is shocking.

This guy is comparing the off-shore accounts of businessmen, actors and sportsmen with that of Sharif family. The biggest difference that this einstein fails to see is that actors, singers, players are not in charge of public's money or destiny, they don't hold public office that they can use to make more money for themselves.

And, yes its the Sharif family which includes Nawaz Sharif since they claim that their money is inherited and that they were one of the biggest business family in Pakistan (which by the way is patently false). Of course Hussain and Hassan didn't make money on their own and the source of all their wealth is the family money which made its way to them via their father, PM Nawaz Sharif. This hack is trying to give a free pass to Nawaz and Shahbaz.

Hassan Nisar said something very poignant, he said something to the effect that prostitution is legal and allowed in Holland just as off-shore accounts are in Panama or the Caymans or Bahamas but just because these activities are legal in some countries doesn't make them acceptable. The people who are defending the money stashed away by our politicians will probably come to the defense of prostitution in western countries where its legal.


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I can not believe that this man can sink so low. He could have kept his mouth shut and not disclose his moral bankruptcy and total lack of courage.


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Think about it the PM of Iceland resigned just because his wife has offshore company, many other countries are investigating but Mujeeb ur Rehman defending PM n' CM in this international scandal. This is called Lifafa journalist Ma sha Allah. This scandal is not for Pakistan Only or Imran Khan didn't instigate it. Wake up Pakistan.....