Mohammad Amir - Return of a Prodigy


After serving a 5yr ban, the young Prodigy that is Mohammad Amir has returned to the National cricket team. The question we all asked ourselves was if he will be the same bowler? We can safely say that he has indeed returned in style! Here is a video I have put together. Watch, like & share.



Senator (1k+ posts)
I love mohammad aamir I sincerely hope and wish he keep himself away from politics and match fixing ,what a talent and potential to be the great.


President (40k+ posts)
Due to idiot management of PCB, Amir has lost 5 year of his peak time in which he could secured many wickets and records. I don't blame him too much. He was too young to understand negative activities just at the age of 17 years. His senior players have misled him.
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