Modi's visit to America | Junaid Akram


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Whether you like it or not, India is way ahead of us economically & militarily.
They are becoming a regional power, while we are being a punching bag of the world.

No doubt. Plus their political culture has always been different than ours. We have different parallel coteries within establishment plus our ministers have been big time egoists. Two examples I would like to share

  1. Not a supporter of PML-Q but some work about setting up fiber optics and road infrastructure was being carried out in Chakwal district during tenure of Late Parvez Musharraf. After elections of 2008 when PML-N would form provincial government in Punjab then guess what happened.....the project got shelved. N-League often targets Shaukat Khanum too.
  2. How Karachi got destroyed under leadership of PPP for last 15 years , is infront of everyone.
Indians too have their differences and issues amongst each other. But sanctity of parliament and social evolution were always preserved. When it becomes to investment in infrastructure and foreign policy then Congress, BJP, Coalitions.....they all have a constant and professional approach.
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