Mobile Off Karain, Mobile Off Karain- Saad Rafique asks people to turn off their off so no one can record him

Cape Kahloon

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Yeh tu lohay ka chana ha yeh mobile keyoon band kerwa raha ha?
Wha CJ Tera insaf 2013 kay election Maine saad rafiq ke dandly ka abe tak faisala ne huwa oor woh Ab 2018 ka election lar raha ha.

Aadi Ali

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wesy inky Leader Mr Chor Sharif ne inko ye achi cheez sikhaaie hy k apny aas paas 10-12 paid workers/sahafi kharry kerdo aur jab bhi koi mushkil sawal pooch ly to agly ko chup kerwaany k liye shorr kerna shuru kerdo


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I can hear him(probably Saad Rafiq) saying "Yeh Kaun hai". Meaning he wanted people to switch off their mobiles because he didn't want to answer that boy and would probably use his goons to get rid of him..


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These liars start their speeches with Bismiallah. How brave these liars have become. They think they can fool Allah as well.


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Turn off the mobile so we teach him a lesson. One can see his goons were itching to manhandle this unruly guy but apparently forced to show restraints because of multiple mobile phones pointing at them.