MIR Harvard Graduation Speech - the most prestigious award given by Harvard (Potential Future Leader


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Standing ovation, Lucius Littauer Award for Academic Achievement, and the most prestigious award given by Harvard in the field of Government/Public Service- The Robert F Kennedy Award for past and future potential leadership.


khan afghan1

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Sorry to say for the comments a POTENTIAL FUTUTRE LEADER OF PAKISTAN I dont think so you need a degree for leadership chair in pakistan.There are intellegent people in pakistan who are not given a chance to rebuild this country and there are geniouse people like Dr QADEER who did all for this country but he has been given punishment.Put him under house arrest and limited his movement.What u need to be future leader in this country do more corruption.Kill annocents people like happening in karachi,drug mafia,ghunda gardey,fake degree like jamshed sathey praied by PM.Be a ally with foreigner agency .work for him.Like Rehman Malik then you will get leadership seat in pakitan.we dont need degree for any post in this country.

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Very happy to see a Pakistani doing so well at Harvard in present times especially not scared to mention almost tabooed issues. As for my brother kan afghan 1 remarks I will urge all again to please focus more on the positive rather than pull yourself and others down with negetive remarks. Dr. Qadeer has forgotten how he was treated by the govt. of the time, though he always knew how the people revere him and love him. So please any one who does not want to do anythibng for Pakistan for fear of being not treated well may not do so for all favour lies with Allah"Wo jis ko chahata hay Izzat daita hay." Do not fret over the fact that humans will not give you izzat or due share for if God wants you to have it no one any where has the power to take it away from you.