Minhaj ul Quran had no court orders to install barriers , 3000 PAT Workers resist Punjab Police whic


Prime Minister (20k+ posts)
Did you use Gullu Bhutt as per court orders?

Resistance didn't mean to open fire on them and kill them...


Politcal Worker (100+ posts)
Does Sharif family has orders of court to install barriers in front of their residences in model town? They have even forcefully occupied acres of public parks around their residence..

Citizen X

President (40k+ posts)
Zameer naam ki to cheez hi nai hai in rano aur khwajo mein. Jhoot asay saleeqay aur asani se bol te hai jaise waqai such ho. Kuch to Allah aur akhirat ka khauf karo. Jan Allah ko dene hi hai Nooro ko. Asthagfirullah, ek din yeh log agar sirf 100% such bol dey to in kin hukumat khudi hi khatam ho jai gi.


Chief Minister (5k+ posts)
This terrorist must be hanged for the massacre in model town.He will make up all sorts of stories no to extricate himself.
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