Military rule always starts with arrests of leaders of both sides and then followed by trial if it w


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Military,when it decides to take over the country always tries to start from a clean slate , their previous takeovers during 1977 ,1999 have been witnessed by us , the 1958 takeover was no different .

STEP ONE They always arrest the main leaders of BOTH fighting political parties as a matter of routine , they then give themselves a few weeks and the imprisoned political leaders to rethink .

STEP TWO As new military administrations shape up they study reports and utility and attitude of imprisoned leaders , they then decide whom to spare and whom to destroy and whom to destroy and imprison . I do not think any decision to destroy Bhutto was taken till he showed contempt to Zia and army for several weeks .

STEP THREE , A general campaign of clearing administration of corrupt officer starts in a few weeks and if one party is to be supported , the other parties favourite senior civil servants go to NAB and Prisons for a while which is often long . If re election is the only agenda on table then a time period of about two to three years is considered convenient for setting things straight for elections , SC judges are usually only too obliged to give rulings on takeovers and allowing to make amendments in constitution.

Important Note . In this case FIRS against Nawaz and Imran and TUQ are already on table and I have not the slightest doubt that all FIRS will be acted upon and all three will face arrest for a while along with respective senior leadership .

The only way for Imran and TUQ to escape from above FIR and section 6 Treason is to make up with other parties ,otherwise from within parliament once Nawaz resigns or is removed ,way is clear to act on all three FIR and with lawyers community against Imran along with Influencial jang group ,any number of cases can be filed . No one has dared to do things which IK has done , the TV footages words said like gheedar azam come out to PM do count in law .Inciting not to pay revenue is classic treason stuff , hampering routes to courts is another and so on .

I have written all this as younger PTI workers assume wrongly that somehow army will side with them and put Imran on the throne ,this is never the way of Pakistani military . What advantage will army have of siding with Imran , nothing , he has failed in Taliban peace talks issue , he does not evoke business confidence and is abrasive . No military man likes a stiff neck above him . Military has its own ways of thinking .

In todays corp commander conference footage , the commanders were quite tense it seems and chief was a bit relaxed .I assume this is the last chance to civilians and now MQM and PPP and PTI which was hoping for minus one formula is trying to save election ,democracy and their governments .

Some one commented today that Imran has not been able to get resignations of all his MNAs how can he hope to get PM resignation .
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haha dude as a PTI supporter you should pray that this doesn't happen for the sake of PTI itself


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woh kehtay thay na keh sabh sey langri looli jamhooriyat bhi aamriyat sey behtar hai... toh loh bhai, kal hum nai woh jamhooriyat bhi daikh li jis sey aamriyat bhi behtar hoti hai... IK ya Army, just no nooray...


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Military rule always start with green light from West - then military takes over and follow the instructions given to them by their western bosses..........this time west is not interested in Military because they can do all through NS that is why Military has no green light........................Also Now a days Democrat are in Power in USA and they never support Military rules........................wait another 3 years if republican take over, you will see Military will be there.


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Obama has been defeated on two fronts , Ukraine and Iraq , Pakistan it seems will be his third foreign policy defeat , he has not been able to bring Imran in place of Nawaz .