Militants attack Salala checkpost


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*Breaking News* Salala Check Post Attacked. One Jawan Shaheed, 20 Terrisits Killed.

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Re: Salala Check Post Attacked. One Jawan Shaheed, 20 Terrisits Killed.

Fight Fight till we kill each other... pathetic..


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Militants attack Salala checkpost
by NK on June 5, 2012 12:52 pm

MOHMAND AGENCY: Militants armed with heavy weapons attacked a checkpost in the Pak-Afghan border area of Salala killing four security personnel on Monday.


Retaliatory firing by the security personnel at the checkpost killed 20 militants.

No government official was available to verify the incident.

The border checkpost situated at Salala gained international exposure after a US military helicopter attacked a military checkpost of the Pakistan military killing 24 soldiers in November last year.

The attack further strained the rollercoaster relations between the two countries and as a result Pakistan had blocked the route of Nato supplies demanding an apology.


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These ******* Terrorists are planning attacks on our jawans with the help of USA , they both are same , but our problem is that by helping US and being an Ally with them , we are making these **** holes terrorists strong coz common people living in mountains don't even know what's wrong and what's right they just blindly follow their mullahs who ask them to do JIHAD against pakistan , we should liberate ourselves with US war and then we can kill these major mind terrorist easily
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