Midnight Nations - Why we hate each other?


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Blame, blame, blame how can we have peace if we will keep blaming each other.


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pak politics is just a blame game and nothing else

Pak politics?? but here they are discussing Pak India politics, and if you watched this program it was Indian general who started blame game, and put all burden on Pakistan. it was after that Gohar Ayub started blaming India. Gen. Talat and other Indian politician talked sensible and I think we need their approach if we want peace in both nations.


Hate is the by-product of hypocracy & nepotism. As far as blame is concern, it is natural when u hate someone you put the blame. The matter important is why should we hate each other, what are its causes, its adverse effect on our country in future and what should be amicable solution. There are variety of reasons but at present, it is the matter of recognition, identity and opportunity to each entity/faction living in Pakistan equally to play its part at national & intl lvl. Some how which has been over sighted by self centred politicians resulting into feeling of hate against each other and they resort to tgt killings & terrorrism.

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I genuinely believe peace and friendship in subcontinent in not too far. There are enough educated people on the both side f the border who can seen the truth and realize the benefit of good neighborly relationship. India's relation with Pakistan and srilanka has improved a great deal in last 10 years. I can also feel the change in Indian foreign policy doctrine. If India can have good relations with Iran and Afghanistan then Pakistan should be much closer to us. Friend lets not be the refugees of the past. Indian PM some days back offered Kashmir autonomy, which is also a good start.
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