Miandad tipped for Pakistan batting coach

Muhammad Tauseef A. Bajwa

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Miandad tipped for Pakistan batting coach
Published: April 5, 2011

Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi Tuesday said batting legend Javed Miandad was expected to help the team's batsmen with their form after being persuaded by the country's cricket chief. PHOTO: AFP/FILE :

Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi Tuesday said batting legend Javed Miandad was expected to help the teams batsmen with their form after being persuaded by the countrys cricket chief.

Pakistans faltering batsmen have been blamed for the teams 29-run defeat against India in the World Cup semi-final at Mohali a week ago, leading to calls for Miandad to help them.

Pakistans fielding and batting sections have weakened the teams performance at the international level and Miandad has been called on to help part-time recently.

We are trying to persuade Miandad to help the batsmen, Afridi told reporters. PCB (Pakistan Cricket Board) chairman Ijaz Butt has also talked to Miandad while I have also requested him to help.

Miandad, one of Pakistans top batsmen, has been working as director general in the PCB but had several fall-outs with Butt, leading to his resignation and restoration twice.

The 53-year-old, who is still the highest run-getter for Pakistan with 8,832 runs in 124 Tests, helped the team in getting over their batting woes in 2009 and 2010.
However, he declined to tour with the team because of business commitments and said he does not want to interfere in head coach Waqar Youniss job.
Afridi said the team needed Miandads help.
We realise there are batting problems so we have told Miandad that the country needs him, so hopefully he will accept that role, said Afridi.
Miandad said he was ready to help.
I am ready to help the players whenever the need arises, Miandad told a private television channel. I thank PCB chairman and Afridi for calling me and requesting help.

Pakistan is due to tour the West Indies to play a Twenty20 match, five one-dayers and two Tests later this month.

Pakistan will start the tour with a warm-up game on April 18. The Twenty20 match is scheduled for April 21 in St Lucia, followed by the one day internationals and Tests.

Afridi said two to three youngsters would be brought on the tour.
The main aim is to groom two to three youngsters on the Caribbean tour but that doesnt mean we want to discard the seniors, they will remain part of the team whenever required, said Afridi, who will not be part of the Test team.

Afridi retired from Tests last year.



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oh no ..
Miandad was great batsman but he is never a good coach ..
person who has a "PHATTU" approach isnt suitable to coach ..


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Sattire is given a new direction in our era. It has moved from just for fun to a most deadly stage for a naive nation. Our habbit of copying west without pondering is taking us down the drain. These comedy programs just ridicule the heros of our nation and take out all the respect from our heart and degrades them in our mind. They are meant to make a nation loose all respect for its legends. But these media outlets keep doing it for cheap money and we will watch them for cheap entertainment. I read in one of the posts by Brother Classified that this is one of the protocol of the Zion to make a nation complacent with ridiculing their heros or legends so that they run out of moral and have nothing to be proud of.

In the good old days comedy was used to highlight social issues in the society, even before that we had people like Patras Bhukhari/Ibn-e-Safi and I believe he is the only one of his kind. The beauty of both is they never ridiculed or made fun of anything. Their sattire was totally based on fun out of situation at hand or the character it self. Due to our aamal, Allah has taken away the pioneers and leaders of this nation away and has left us with these jokers and their corporate masters.


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I hope he trains them for batting for a while but making him a full time coach wouldnt be a good idea. Javed Miandad is being paid 9-10 lacs/month as a DG PCB and has no work to do but still he didnt volunteer for batting camps or tips before the worldcup. Pakistani Batsman captains or coaches always have defensive approach and never have guts to attack. I have only seen Imran khan and Wasim as aggressive captains in Pakistan and both were bowling captains.

Yes we do need a white coach who can use a laptop, point out the weak areas of the opponents and make plans accordingly. Keep waqar as a bowling coach but we need a white batting coach who could improve the fielding too as Gary kirsten did for india. We have already seen in semi final, how our desi coaches were wetting their pants and were totally blank. Nobody advised the players when to take the powerplay or any kind of advice in a difficult situation.