Method and revolution of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W)


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We have lost a great scholar. May Allah Rest him peace and provide him highest place in Jannah (Amin). Thanks for sharing.


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We need more EDUCATED people like him. Not the jaahil molvis.

Brother every one have his job, Molvies have their and scholars have their, are we fulfilling our job towards religion and country?


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Any comments please.

Have you ever made the comparison between gains and losses of a scholar like Dr. Israr and celebrity like Noor Jahan, Ahmad Rushdi, Sultaan Rahi, Muhammad Ali etc. What is the legacy or assets left in this world for the benefits of mankind by these people. What will be their place in the Akhirat? Where will they be residing? What is there sadiqa-e-jaria? Which one of these should be the role model?

Any comments please.
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