Merger of my recently posted thread with totally unrelated thread raises serious questions

A Abbasi

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If you are going to make a thread with zero substance or one liner like "Vote for imran Khan" or something along the lines

We gets dozens of such threads on daily basis and they are bound to get merged.


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It's rubbish. No substance or one liner post? Absolute rubbish. You want me to post lectures on philosophy and educate people. Title of the page is was a political post. If you are going to be a moderator be reasonable and honest. Dont merge posts that are not related.

Mujahid Ali Awan

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This is a real estate for these guys

If you post stupid one liner threads, it annoys all of us members as well

You support pti? Ok, there are millions out there, should they all be allowed one liner threads making their allegiance to pti?
Think logically


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I posted years back with different ID literally hundreds of posts but suddenly they started this merger stuff...some made sense but some didnt make any sense or logic totally irrelevant. It pissed me off so i stopped posting. Things have not changed. Thrre are so many posts who are shorter than my post and he mentioned one liner post....