Meray Mutabiq - 8th May 2010 - S M Zaffar, Saleem Bukhari


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People are frustrated and some events act as channels to display their frustration as raise of transport fares in Bhara Kahu, electricity stuff etc. And, if government keeps on providing these channels, people would definitely avail them. I think we will see many more public agitations in the future and it will not be affected if the government writes the letter or not.

PPP seems to be more worried about SC stuff but I really hope they could anticipate public reaction to the bad governance in the near future.


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i don’t consider any of bhuttos ‘’shaheed’’. They all got killed in the race for power. They never sacrificed even a rupee for this country, not even paid their taxes, rather looted poor pakistan like most other politicians, beurocraits and generals.

PPP should stop this BS…”’Qurbaanian” and other people should also stop calling them shaheed.

If ZAP was so sincere to pakistan why didnt he give power to najeeb to save pakistan. Rather he broke pakistan to get power..

All bhuttos are just power and money greedy.. No doubt they are good politicians. They may be sincere but power thirst dominates any other emotion.

ZAP sacrificed half of the Pakistan for power.
Benazir sacrificed brother for power.
Zardari sacrificed his wife for power.
In future Bilawal will sacrifice his father for power.

This is extremely ridiculous to make a teenager, head of a big political party….andhi aqeedat, nothing else…. no ogic at all…

This country needs young and patriot people from middle class to lead it.
A wadera or industrialist would not know how to live without electricity, gas, AC, car, education, clothes etc becausehe never faced these problems.

We all are not ready to accept the realities. we are either blind follower or blind haters. Not ready to listen or see or face reality. Guys please leave this andhi aqeedat aside and think with logic. Support the good things (from both sides) and criticize the bad things ( irrespective who does it).

Please go for the right things. Encourage Govt for their good deeds and criticize for their weaknesses…and same goes for oposition..
Think above party or ethical affiliation…

May Allah bless this country with sincere leadership and wise voters..


ڈاکٹر صاحب اور بخاری صاحب نے کہا کہ نظام چل ہی نہیں پا رہا اور جلد ہی اس کی بساط لپیٹ دی جا ے گی- میرا ان سے اور اس فورم پہ حکومت اور جمہوریت مخالفین سے سوال ہے کے کیا وا قعی اس ملک پہ حکومت زرداری اور گیلانی کر رہے ہیں؟ میرا خیال ہے کے اگر پنجاب پہ حکومت نہ ہو تو پاکستان پہ حکومت کا دعویٰ نہیں کیا جا سکتا اور پی پی پی کی حکومت تو سندھ میں بھی پوری طرح حکمران نہیں ہے- خیر اس بات سے قطع نظر، پنجاب اور سندھ کے زمینی حقایق کے باوجود، اس ملک پہ اصلی حکومت اب بھی وہی کر رہے ہیں جو قرار داد مقاصد پاس کرنے کے بعد سے کرتے چلے آیے ہیں- ہیں کواکب کچھ، نظر آتے ہیں کچھ- اگر ان عوامل کو یہ بے طاقت اور بے وقعت اور بد سے زیادہ بدنام جمہوری حکومت بھی قبول نہیں تو پھر، بقول مشرف، پاکستان کے عوام کا اور پاکستان کا خدا ہی حافظ


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I was bit surprised to notice that the participants did mention at various points that the Govt is heading toward clash (tasadum) but no one brought up the
Altaf Hussain’s statement today in which he criticised the PM on the issue of dividing Hyderabad District.

Altaf Hussain appeared to be very annoyed, but when Altaf Hussain is upset, it means he is short of Cash and his instalment from Zardari is due. Although Altaf Hussain is a big crook but he knows how to cash-in on Zardari’s misfortunes.

Altaf Hussain statement means the next instalment of Rs 2 crore, must be paid to him as soon as possible……other wise the bloody target killing will start, and after 3 days of heavy shooting , we will then hear…. ‘sub ma’amlaat tae paa ghai hein…..We have seen the pictures of 6th May, 2009 when in London, Zardari touched the feet of Altaf Hussain and apologised from Altaf Hussain for calling MQM being the dirty baby of Gen Zia.

It was in 1974, when mad Bhutto presented the Sindhi Language Bill in the Sind Assembly which gave rise to Mohajir Students Federation , and Altaf Hussain first time showed his real muscle which even frightened Bhutto and he withdrew the Sindhi Language Bill. After that Gen Zia, also tried to use MQM for his own advantage. Later on BB NRO Waali also used Altaf Hussain to her advantage. Asfandyar Wali also knows how to blackmail present Govt on the issue of Kala Bagh Dam. We are really a stupid, junglee and jahil nation.
Carry on Zardari no one is going to come onto streets. And Naheed Khan, Safdar Abbasi and Ch Mohd Aslam… all can remain silent and I hope you all will die with Cancer.


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Good analysis of the current situation in the first 10 or so minutes of the programme. What amazes me is that our powerful players (read power hungry) keep on doing wrong things and yet (with all due respect to every one) we expect Allah Tallah to get us out of the mess at all times.

The “mukhabris” are very interesting. If they are true then now I have no respect at all for Mohammad Asif. I never had any good feelings about Shoaib Malik and now even pity those politicans and industrialists who kept on showering their wealth and support to Shoaib Malik. Hollow and characterless people.

It seems that corruption has seeped into each an every person of this poor country and yet we expect Allah Tallah to continue to help us survive.


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نواز شریف صرف ایک وجہ سے زرداری کا ساتھ دے رہا ہے. وہ وجہ اپنی کرپشن بچانا ہے. اس کو پتا ہے زرداری کے بعد اس کی باری ہے.

جیسے لوگ ویسے حکمران. لوگو ابھی بھی وقت ہے، سدھر جو.
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