Meeting between opposition parties is beauty of democracy - Ahsan Iqbal


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G Bilkul, but yeh Meeting Abbu Bachao ki Bajae agar Mulki maslay par hoti. Aur Aese Opposition k darmiyaan hoti jinkay apnay Fake accounts ya Calibri Font walay jhoot na pakrhay jatay toh phir yeh bat thek hai...

Raja Farooq

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Ooy desi arastooo ghatia orr beghairat insaan apna maazi check kroo kash begharity k by Nobel prize hoota too yee dono partion ko miltaa tuff hy tum prr


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It is beauty of Jamhariyat.....that when needed "LICK" eachother. When IK was in opposition at that time still PMLn who was in Govt. and PPPP (opposition) was saving them).......that was also is few more days they will be abusing each other.........and washing their dirty laundary on Media.........


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عمران زرداری بھا ی بھا ی کے نعرے لگوا رہی تھی جب یہ مریم جھوٹی جعلساز تو تب کیا دونوں پارٹیاں ایک دوسرے کے اپوزیشن میں نہیں تھے؟
فرق بس یہ تھا کے اس اپوزیشن کے مفادات ایک نہیں تھے


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The beauty of democracy has raped Pakistan left right and centre. With the role of Judiciary Pakistanis should be ready for further rapes.


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Would Rana Sana be there?
When he looks at Maryam, she will be reminded of his infamous interview of 1991, and when he looks at Bilawal, he will be reminded of the manufacturing defect comment.