Media freedom in danger.. Nato supply.. Technorat govt


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Nusrat Javaid disclosed in Capital Talk.. Media freedom will be confiscated by INTERIM TECHNOCRAT GOVT, to allow NATO SUPPLY to reopen. Sumsaam Bukhari also mentioned it & said it is not work of local people..
Guess the connection.. Hiliary Clinton was also disturbed by Media behaviour during her visit..
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wsalam .

all of them can go nd lick zardari's jooty or goto london on govt. funding and lick kaala's jooty . hamid meer shud do that practically now. acha hi hai media ne kon sa kuch acha kam kia hai


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hillary clinton has funded hamir meer type cronies with 50 m dollar . so why would she have any issues with ..... hamid meer jafar?

bullocks . just trying to gain sympathies by using american name


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naam dekho kin k le ker baat ho rhi hai ..

haram khor hamid meer aur sab se baray haram khor nusrat javed paisy bahria se le ker ab azadi ki baat kerty hain haram khor


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sub amerika karwa raha hai, kom ko bewakof banane ki aik or koshish, ye sub abh benikab ho gaye hain, no credibilty what so ever.


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For Nusrat Javeed free Media is the media which gives news after taking money from thekedaar Malick.:angry_smile: