Maryam Nawaz Love for INDIA


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Nothing wrong in good relation
but sending love msgs when they got ppl like Modi as PM is just dumb
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Akmal Zaidi

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han tu is may aisy koi buri bat nahi united europe may bhi country alag alag he hain magar economically saath sath hain intrest saath hain...


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Why You and me living like enemies ..

why we cant live like ............. whahhaha every body knows what i mean


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Afreen hay aap pe, phir to ab aap ye bhi keh dein k Israel k sath democratic relations kayim honay chahye or unke sath economical pacts honay chahye kyu k ye bhi to hota hay EU mai.

bhai masla ye hay k people dont know and dont understand two nation theory. Pehle parho, phir usay samjho , phir baat kerna.


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Akmal bhai - bilkul sahi kaha aap ne - sirf ik farq he - Woh brabary ki bunyad per rehte hain. Ik mulk ma PM dosre mulk ke steel mill business tycoon se nahi milta.


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Muslims have get Pakistan on the bases of Islam
not for making back money and sending money by hundi system
to London


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This is the same thing that Altaf Gainda said but he was labbelled as traitor. Now bubble but says and all the patwaris will say yes yes why not


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لگتا ہے کہ ببل بٹ کو بھارتی فلمموں میں آئٹم گرل کہ کردار کی آفر ہوئی ہے


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Europe has different ideology. They have so much in common, religion, language further most they are sincere and their govt. does not lie as much as our does.

Do you really believe after 3 wars and 67 years of proxy war can we be a good together..!!! I doubt this.


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PMLN se Laakh ikhtlaf lekin Maryam ki es baat se koi ikhtlaf nahi but relations should be on equality basis.


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Yeh itni masoom hai nahi jitni bananay ki koshish karti hai. Poori qaum ko phudoo banaya hai iss sharif limited company ne. Iss aurat ke shakal na dekho. Iss ke kartoot dekho.


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Iss ********* ganju ne apni beti ko chorr dia hai young blood ko control karne ke lye. Business man jo hua. Beti phenk vote uttha. Aaj kal iss ka yehi kam hai.

Syeda S

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Yes, we can live like united Europe but you family shouldn't be ruling elite.

Leaders should be honest like Imran, Judiciary should be unbiased. Bureaucrats shouldn't be corrupt, then we can live happily with India.