Markaz Main PPP or Punjab main PML(n) Kaun Chore Hy


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Khalid masood sahib tu PML(n) ke hashia bardar nahee PPP or PML (n) main sey kon kitna bara chore hy zara ghaur sey parhain


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I can confirm every word he wrote is 100% true ...
overhead bridge of chungi no 9 was inaugurated by Gillani year ago .. but irony was .. there was dead end where the bridge landed ..

and it is true too .. overhead bridge designs were modified to help PPP senator plaza too ..
plaza name is Mohammad Arcade ..
although .. one of my houses is right in front of that .. and luckily .. my property price has increased a lot too ..
nonetheless .. it was wrong to modify design and land overhead bridge for PPP senator plaza ...
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