Mango export: Packaging requirements hold back small farmers


Small farmers from Rahim Yar Khan can export their mango produce if government assists them with packaging in accordance with the international standards, Executive District Officer (Agriculture) Zafaryab Haider said on Saturday.

He was speaking to the media on the second day of a Mango Festival.

He said currently only large farm owners were exporting mangoes from the district that contributed 36 per cent to the country’s mango produce.

Mango export: ‘Packaging requirements hold back small farmers’
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People who have access to International standard packaging should setup companies and charge local farmers nominal fees to get their produce to foreign markets.

Government can only do so much. Let us all help ourselves. Private sector should lead the way.

Also relying on Government for guidance is a bad idea even if it was US or UK. Local business men are more capable.



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I am yet to pickup the mangoes. Craving for them... For these things, local companies are much better