Mang Raha Hai Pakistan - 31st May 2012 - Demand of New Provinces...New Problem for Country"

saeed khan

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in ki baaton sey pata chalta hai keh in key saath karachi main zyaditi ho rehi hai.
in key leader ney kuchh saal pehley India main keha tha keh agar ab kabhi Pakistan main hamarey saath zyadity hoi to ham wapis India aa jain gey.
to phir yeh log wapis kyon nahi chaley gai ? ore agar yeh India key 52 cities sey aye hain to yehan bhi 52 cities main rehain.
Waisey jo log Pakistan sey India migrate ho gay they unhon ney to elehda sooba nahi banaya.
MQM = Mukti Bahni 2
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Main culprit culprit is Mustafa Kamal ,why he made tremendous development in Karachi why not he kept the same corrupt pace of rest of Pakistan,this was eye opener for Tassubi,when it was decided,it was the last chance given to Karachites bcz they can develop beyond ,so now uninamous not Karachites be given free hand.
This is the most unfortunate nation who produced The Great Dr,AQKhan,Dr,Abdul Kalam two nuclear scientist un matchable,this qaum has huge potential to make difference ,Kash Pakistan can get benefit of these talented.


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When you have a family of say four and the father only thinks for himself or about his favourite sons only,a time comes when his sons start to think about leaving and finding their own homes and start a new life for themselves.They start leaving one by one and set up their new homes and they start working hard for their new responsibility some succeed and some struggle for their lives. The overall result. Is the fathers home start to weaken and eventually dies on it's own and normally ALONE. This can be called you are creating a society of hypocrites who all think they are going towards prosperity.May Allah gives us jacana and we learn to live as a joint family under the guidance of a loving father
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