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"With these wings, I shall fly back to London after suffering a BIG defeat courtesy of Imran Khan and PTI!"

Zulfi Khan

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PML(N) is the worst party because it is an opportunist party; it acts in the way that suits it
the most, ignoring all norms of politics.It voted for Gillani for premier in 2008 and remained
ally of PPP for more than three years.It supported all the amendments:18th,19th,20th and 21th
in the interest of degree voters bye-elections.No respect for PML(N) and PPP,PML(Q),MQM,ANP
and JUI(F) any more. Imran Khan Zindbad! PTI Zindabad!


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khud sakhata waziray azam kay chaylo ensan banno tum tu kahien say nahi lagtay kay paray likhay ho tum to jiyalon say bhi ziyadah jahil ho khutay kay chailo[hilar]


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wow amazing comments. one can tell everyone calling him names is so well educated here. some actually call him KHOOTA and BANDAR. kia baat hay aap sub paray likhoon ki.


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"Mommy ko salam karo.....Pani ki bili ban kay dikhayo"

Mera munna banay bemisaal, mere bachay mere Nonihaal :)
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