Live With Talat - 29th August 2013 - Karachi Targeted Operation or Military Operation?


MPA (400+ posts)
​talat aapki bohot izzat karte hain lekin koi bhi baat ho aap pti ko khamon kha tankid karte rehte hain apne aapko bra smarte samajhte hain tankid bray tankid lagta hai pti walon ne aapki bhens churali hai

Sultan Alvi

Minister (2k+ posts)
What ever out come from Karachi we will came on the street and do the demonstration (PTI) drugi women.

Andleeb did such a great job today that even Diesel is feeling some pain in his @ss. Andleeb you are another future leader of PTI and Pakistan, MashaAllah!(clap)(clap)(clap)

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