Live With Dr. Shahid Masood - 29th June 2015 - Bharat Mamla..Har Form Mein Uthane Ka Faisla..

Sultan Alvi

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Dr Sahib you have been revealing too much critical information in recent days. I am worried about your safety. Please be careful and look after yourself. Your enemies are everywhere. May God keep you safe and in good health.


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Dr Saab no matter what informed people say keep giving your news for the sake of your loyalty to your country and profession ,truth is always a shield against lies and HYPOCRACY because allahsubhanatala says truth will always prevail and HYPOCRACY will never be pardoned

Hunain Khalid

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Re: What Roznama Jang Has Quoted About Scotland Yard Report:- Sahid Masood

شرم مگر تم کو نہیں آتی