Live With Dr Shahid Masood 25th March 2016 - RAW Agent & Other Issues


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It is frustrating to see the abrupt working of Army, Rangers & NAB, on one side they hanged some of the terrorists in a week time, on the other side people like UZAIR BALOCH are kept safe and protected. On one side ALTAF HUSSAIN is accused of being RAW agent, but the the other side doesn't see NAWAZ SHAREEF, his interests & investments in India, his no comments policy for India no matter India defame Pakistan or even attack Pakistan. Why is he so keen always to meet an Indian at any cost? Why he seems like a dog wagging his tail in front of Indian PM or American Jenator? Why can't any one see Nawaz Shareef's steel factory in Suadi Arabia and ask him why he couldn't hire a single Pakistani in that factory, it is filled by Indian workers? ? ? That being said why is he not a suspect of being a RAW agent?
Observations like these will raise questions "is establishment / Army/ NAB really sincere or they are playing all drama just to curb MQM"
I am just a Pakistani who can never favor any party or person harming the solidarity of Pakistan. But having some sense how can I only talk or go against ALTAF HUSSAIN or his allies calling them RAW agents, but forced to accept the traitor NAWAZ SHAREEF and his thugs(family and party/goverment portfolio holders) as respectable Pakistanis? Why this Nawaz or any of the Government's paid stooges did not said a word about the RAW agent caught in Pakistan? Is this not enough to see their favors to INDIA, or is it not enough to declare all of them the SAHULATKARS.
The only hope was from Gen.Raheel that he may pull the string of every traitor, put them behind the bars for ever and save Pakistan, but this hope is getting fade every passing day.