Live with Dr. Shahid Masood - 1st April 2016 - Punjab Operation , MQM and Mustafa Kamal

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Dr for the last year saying, the big fishes will soon be arrested. So far no sign. Only small ones being grilled.

Take into account the complexity of the situation including the non-serious apathetic attitude of the political setup and the journalists in general, add to this the lack of diplomatic approach as a design by the PM of Pakistan since he has not even bothered to have a foreign minister. In my opinion the direction of this process is slow because of the resistance and hurdles imposed by the aforementioned lackluster apathy of the governing bodies.

I am hopeful and have faith in Allah's Rehmat.


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I sincerely hope that the old saying is true Slow and steady Wins the race , the process is slow because the Gang of scoundlers are holding the Top governmental position and thieves are in the driving seats it will take time but if it is continues InshaAllah will clean the country evn if not 100 % but if it is 60 to 70 % WILL BE SUFFICENT FOR THE TIME BEING TO SAVE THE COUNTRY OF BEING BANKRUPT.


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The BILA brigade is on the prowl, waiting for the cautious rats to pop out their heads, looking for the opportunity to slip away. Time is sure to come, no one controls time, your time will come without invitation, your own will secure themselves at your expense. The rats time is running out, and the time is with the BILAS