Live With Dr Shahid Masood – 27th August 2017 - Pak US Tensions and other issues


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O bhoolay dr, you do not know, what asif dari's job is ? his job description has fully described by dr zulfikar mirza.
if you do not know, then call dr zulfikar and he will explain you how he got the money.
but asif dari from the day of his birth knows only one job and that is to rob others by hook or crook. his father during
Z A Bhutt life, looted cinema hall from others and asif dari grew his youth under the environment of black marketing and looting.
after he married B Bhutt, he started looting IPPs and created so called valuation checking and looted thru SGS cotneca, and
the looted haraam money was deposited in swiss accounts. he controlled duty free shop at the airports in pakistan and looted thru that.
asif dari became an expert in looting and was called as mr ten percent, and then went on becoming mr ninty percent. he
discovered the gold and a huge treasure in B Bhutt swiss accounts and he was once quoted as saying that unless and untill he would
get more money than shareefs, he can not win the elections. during 2 times B Bhutt tenure, he looted too much from all
walks of life. it is said that he spent eleven years in jail, but he spent only six months in jail and stayed ten and half years in
hospitals under "jaali" medical certificates and has never spent any money on hospital bills. by manipulation, he entered in
president house and sitting there for five years, he played all games and tricks to make money, and never involved his name in
any such games. he came in contact with malik riaz and acquired hundereds of acres of prime lands in all the corners of pakistan,
and malik riaz made for him lahore fort house as rishwaat. he forcefully acquired houses around his clifton house and also made
bahria icon tower. he gave malike riaz huge land in karachi where he started building properties and has paid his share to asif dari.
there is a long list of his properties all around the world and the list is given on internet.
his biggest job was to eradicate all the proof of his corruption from all the files and hijacked swiss boxes thru his crook ambassador in uk.

ALLAH swt KEY haan DER HEY ANDHER NAHI. wallah u aalam.
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