Linking of Peshawar Main Roads With Ring Road Peshawar.


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After Chief Minister KPK raid at KTH,Doctors now vigilant on there duty


:Massive Cleanness Drive Will Be Started In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa from 11 September



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ماشاللہ یہ تو ایسے کام کر رہے ہیں جیسے اگلے ماہ الیکشن ہے .....یہ کام اسی طرح جاری و ساری رہا تو عمران خان کو اگلہ وزیرازم بننے سے کوئی نہیں روک سکتا.


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Keep on working hard PTI in KPK inshallah Allah will reward you. However if u fail in KPK then get ready to get your butts kicked, because if you cannot do anything in KPK then what will you do if PTI becomes the main party leading Pakistan. Parliament I cannot see them do m7ch however a significant amount lies in KPK for them. If they can bring the change they been banging on about thenhe future inshallah looks bright for PTI
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