Let them serve us rather than rule

Muhammad Tauseef A. Bajwa

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The Iraqi governorate of Missan has earmarked ID10bn ($8.6m) to boost the electricity system in the governorate, Aswat al-Iraq has reported. "The amount will be allocated from the province's share from oil production," Missan governor, Mohammad al-Shayaa was quoted as saying. Two people were killed in Basra on Saturday following protests about power shortages. Power Crises is Americans game plan where ever they had a strong emergence!

Electricity produced in Pakistan is from three main sources. Hydral, Thermal (Gas/Steam/Furnace Oil) & Nuclear! Four major power producers in country include Water &
Power Development Authority (WAPDA), Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESC), Independent Power Producers (IPPs) and Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC).

Hydral Electricity generated by WAPDA varies between two extremities i.e. between minimum of 2414 MW and maximum of 6761 MW depending upon the river flow through the whole year. Total Power Generation Capacity of Pakistan (including all sources) is 19855 MW and the electricity demand (as of today 20-04-2010) is 14500 MW and PEPCO is merely generating 10000 MW.

So it is obvious that 15-20 hrs power shutdowns in most parts of the country are not because of the lack of generation capacity but only because of IMF / World Bank policies imposed on our nation by Govt.

The Power Generation companies are not buying Furnace Oil from PSO by saying they dont have money to do that but we are all paying for Electricity that is generated from Furnace Oil. This is the reason that top refineries like PRL are operating at 40% capacities. IMF/World bank has imposed to reduce budget deficit by importing less crude oil. But due to this fact all our industries are under severe crisis. None of our political parties in Assembly are ready to speak on it because every one is blessed by United States/IMF& the World Bank.

At present the electricity cost is slightly above Rs11.00 per unit, and it will increase after every two months as directed by IMF policies. CHINA has offered Pakistan Electricity for only Rs.300 against each consumers monthly bill (Domestic & Public) sector* and unlimited usage of Electricity but our government is not taking the offer seriously. This is because there will be neither kick backs nor any commissions to be pocketed by the strong mafia of politicians and bureaucrats.

All incumbent governments both at Centre and Provincial levels are in Power because of public votes. Let them serve us rather than rule
*excluding Industrial Sector.